Who Was Valiant Thor A Closer Look at the Strange Story of the Man from Venus

Valiant Thor is a name that has fascinated and intrigued many UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists for decades. He is said to be a visitor from Venus who came to Earth in the 1950s and met with US presidents and other officials. He claimed to have a message of peace and a solution to prevent nuclear war. But who was Valiant Thor, and what was his true purpose? Was he a real alien or a hoax? In this article, we will explore the origins, the details, and the controversies of the strange story of Valiant Thor, the man from Venus.

The Origins of the Story

The Origins of the Story of Valiant Thor

The story of Valiant Thor is based on a book by Dr. Frank E. Stranges, a UFO expert and evangelical minister, who published The Stranger at the Pentagon in 1967. In the book, Stranges claims that he met Valiant Thor several times over the course of decades and that he had access to photographic evidence and eyewitness accounts of Valiant Thor and his crew.

According to Stranges, Valiant Thor arrived on Earth on March 16, 1957, in a spaceship called the Victory One, which landed near Alexandria, Virginia. He was accompanied by three other Venusians: Jill, Donn, and Tanya. They were all human-like in appearance, but with some differences, such as six fingers on each hand, no fingerprints, and no navel.

Valiant Thor was taken to the Pentagon, where he met with the Undersecretary of Defense and then with President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon. He introduced himself as a “space emissary” and offered assistance in resolving global issues, particularly the threat posed by nuclear war. He said that he had a device that could disable all nuclear weapons on Earth and that he wanted to share his advanced knowledge and technology with humanity. He also said that he had a message from the “High Council” of his planet, which urged Earth to join the “Galactic Federation” of peaceful worlds.

Valiant Thor was given a three-year visa to stay on Earth and work with the US government. Valiant Thor was assigned a room at the Pentagon, where he lived and worked for the next three years. He also traveled around the country and met with various people, including scientists, religious leaders, and celebrities. He reportedly demonstrated his extraordinary abilities, such as walking through walls, healing the sick, and reading minds.

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The Details of the Story

Stranges provides many details and anecdotes about Valiant Thor and his interactions with humans in his book and his subsequent lectures and interviews. He claims that he was one of the few people who had a close and personal relationship with Valiant Thor and that he was invited to visit his spaceship and his home planet. He also claims that he witnessed some of the events and conversations that Valiant Thor had with the US officials and other influential figures].

Some of the details and anecdotes that Stranges shares are:

  • Valiant Thor had a photographic memory and could speak over 100 languages, including ancient ones. He also had a high IQ and a vast knowledge of science, history, and religion[^2^][2].
  • Valiant Thor was a devout Christian and had a Bible with him at all times. He said that he believed in Jesus Christ and that he had met him in person. He also said that he had visited other planets where Christianity was practiced.
  • Valiant Thor was very friendly and charming and had a good sense of humor. He enjoyed eating, drinking, and smoking and liked to watch TV and listen to music. He also liked to play chess and poker and often won.
  • Valiant Thor was very concerned about the welfare of humanity and the environment. He warned about the dangers of pollution, overpopulation, and corruption. He also urged for the end of war, violence, and discrimination. He said that he wanted to help humanity achieve peace, harmony, and happiness.
  • Valiant Thor was very respectful and diplomatic and never interfered with the free will of humans. He said that he was not here to force or coerce anyone, but to offer his assistance and advice. He also said that he respected the sovereignty and the laws of each nation and that he did not want to cause any trouble or conflict.

The Controversies of the Story

The story of Valiant Thor has been met with skepticism and criticism from many sources, both within and outside the UFO community. There are many questions and doubts about the validity and credibility of the story, as well as the motives and agenda of Stranges and Valiant Thor.

Some of the controversies and criticisms are:

  • There is no conclusive or independent evidence to support the existence or the identity of Valiant Thor and his crew. The only evidence that Stranges provides are his own testimony and some photographs, which are of dubious quality and authenticity. The photographs have been analyzed and debunked by experts, who found signs of manipulation and fabrication.
  • There is no official or historical record or confirmation of Valiant Thor’s visit or his meetings with the US leaders and other people. The US government and the Pentagon have denied any knowledge or involvement with Valiant Thor or any other alien visitor. The people who allegedly met with Valiant Thor have either denied or remained silent about the matter.
  • There is no logical or consistent explanation for Valiant Thor‘s origin, mission, or message. The story is full of contradictions, inconsistencies, and implausibilities. For example, why would Valiant Thor come from Venus, a planet that is uninhabitable and hostile to life? Why would he look and act so human, and have a human name? Why would he be a Christian, and have a Bible? Why would he offer to disable all nuclear weapons, but not do anything about other problems or threats? Why would he stay for three years, and then leave without any results or impact?
  • There is no clear or positive outcome or benefit from Valiant Thor‘s visit or his offer. The story does not show any evidence or indication of Valiant Thor’s influence or contribution to the world or to humanity. The world did not become more peaceful or prosperous, but rather more chaotic and troubled. The nuclear threat did not disappear but rather increased and escalated. The US government did not accept or implement Valiant Thor’s advice or technology, but rather rejected and ignored it.
  • There is a possibility that the story is a hoax or a deception, either by Stranges or by Valiant Thor or both. Stranges may have fabricated or exaggerated the story for personal gain or fame, or for religious or political purposes. He may have been influenced or manipulated by other sources or forces, such as the CIA, the Illuminati, or the Antichrist. Valiant Thor may have been a fraud or a spy, who pretended to be an alien to deceive or infiltrate the US government or human society. He may have had a hidden or sinister agenda, such as to sabotage or destroy humanity or the Earth[^3^][3].

The Conclusion of the Story

The story of Valiant Thor is a fascinating and intriguing one, but also a controversial and questionable one. Many individuals find themselves challenged and intrigued by this story, but also a story that raises and provokes the skepticism and the criticism of many others. It is a story that has many fans and followers, but also many detractors and debunkers. It is a story that has many versions and interpretations, but also many gaps and mysteries.

The story of Valiant Thor is a story that invites and encourages further research and investigation, but also a story that requires and demands careful and critical analysis and evaluation. It is a story that may reveal and enlighten some truths and secrets, but also a story that may conceal and distort some facts and realities. It is a story that may be a legend or a hoax, or something in between.

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