FaceCheck ID
  1. What is FaceCheck ID?
    FaceCheck ID is a facial recognition tool that allows users to search and verify identities by matching faces in photos with online sources like social media profiles, news articles, and more.
  2. Who developed FaceCheck ID?
    Sentient Labs, based in Indonesia, developed FaceCheck_ID with a focus on enhancing safety and security through authenticating individuals’ identities.
  3. How does FaceCheck ID work?
    It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to analyze facial features in a photo and compares them with millions of sources online. It also employs liveness detection and ID card recognition to verify the authenticity of a face.
  4. Is FaceCheck ID free to use?
    Yes, FaceCheck_ID provides a tier of pricing that’s free of charge, allowing users to access certain features without incurring expenses.
  5. Can I use FaceCheck ID on my smartphone?
    Yes, FaceCheck_ID has a mobile app available for iOS and Android, enabling users to search for people by photo conveniently.

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Privacy and Security FAQs

  1. How does FaceCheck ID ensure user privacy and security?
    FaceCheck ID implements several measures, including consent and permission requirements, encryption and anonymization of data, adherence to legal regulations, and ethical guidelines to ensure user privacy and security.
  2. Can I remove my face or photos from the FaceCheck ID database?
    Yes, FaceCheck_ID allows users to easily delete their faces from the database, and this service is provided free of charge.
  3. Does FaceCheck ID scrape social media against their terms of service?
    No, FaceCheck ID adheres to ethical and legal standards and does not engage in scraping or circumventing anti-scraping protections of social media platforms.
  4. Is my search history stored by FaceCheck ID?
    No, FaceCheck_ID does not log your search history or IP address. Uploaded photos are deleted and not indexed, and searches are temporarily stored for only 24 hours.

Usage FAQs

  1. What are the main uses of FaceCheck ID?
    FaceCheck ID can be used for reconnecting with people, verifying identities in professional settings, enhancing online security, and satisfying personal curiosity about individuals encountered online.
  2. How can I ensure the best results when using FaceCheck ID?
    For optimal results, use high-quality, clear, and well-lit photos. If possible, upload multiple images to increase the chance of finding a match.
  3. Are there any ethical or legal considerations when using FaceCheck ID?
    Yes, users should obtain consent where necessary, respect individual privacy, adhere to the terms of service, and be mindful of data protection laws and the ethical implications of their searches.
  4. Can FaceCheck ID be used for children?
    No, FaceCheck ID’s AI is trained solely on adult faces and cannot accurately identify children. Searching for images of children is against the terms of use.
  5. What should I do if I encounter a person with a criminal background through FaceCheck ID?
    It is recommended to stop communicating with the individual without confrontation and to never verbally insult or attack them. If a crime has been committed or is about to happen, contact your local police immediately.

FaceCheck-ID represents a significant advancement in facial recognition and identity verification technologies, offering a range of applications while emphasizing the importance of ethical and legal considerations in its use.

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