Rose Madden The Woman Behind Zach Bryan’s Music

Rose Madden, a former naval aviator, was married to country singer-songwriter Zach Bryan for a year. She also inspired his second album, Elisabeth Rose Madden, which he released in 2020. In this article, we will explore Rose Madden’s life, her relationship with Zach Bryan, and how their marriage and divorce affected his music and career.

Who is Rose Madden?

Rose Madden was born in Lancaster, Ohio, and is believed to be 25 years old in 2023. Her mother is Michelle Madden, and she has a brother named Michael Stene. She graduated from Lancaster High School in 2014, where she participated in various academic and extracurricular activities. She then joined the Navy and became a naval aviator, flying helicopters and planes.

Rose Madden is a retired naval aviator who was married to Zach Bryan for a year. (Source: [1])

She met Zach Bryan in 2019 when he was still serving in the Navy as well. They fell in love and got married in July 2020, in a scenic ceremony at Colchuk Lake, Washington. Zach Bryan announced their marriage on Twitter, saying, “Ya sorry brother had to get married that’s my bad”. He also revealed that he named his second album after her, Elisabeth Rose Madden, which he recorded in his garage and released in October 2020.

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What happened to their marriage?

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, as they decided to divorce in 2021, after only a year of being together. The exact reason for their split is not known, as neither of them has publicly addressed it. However, some fans speculated that Zach Bryan cheated on Rose Madden with another woman, based on some cryptic posts and comments on social media. Others suggested that their careers and lifestyles were incompatible, as Zach Bryan pursued his music while Rose Madden remained in the military.

Their divorce was finalized in June 2021, and they deleted most of their photos and posts related to each other on their social media accounts. Rose Madden also went dark on Instagram for a while, before returning in July 2021, with a caption that read, “she’s ba—ack ;-)”. Zach Bryan, on the other hand, started dating another woman, Debbie Peifer, a TikTok star, shortly after his separation from Rose Madden. He confirmed their relationship on Twitter in April 2021, saying, “I’m happy and I’m in love and I’m not ashamed of it” .

How did their relationship affect Zach Bryan’s music and career?

Zach Bryan is a rising star in the country music scene, known for his raw and authentic songs that resonate with many listeners. He started making music in 2019, when he uploaded his first song, “Heading South”, on YouTube, which went viral and gained millions of views. He then released his debut album, DeAnn, in August 2019, which he dedicated to his late mother, who passed away from cancer when he was 14. The album received critical acclaim and was praised for its honesty and emotion.

Zach Bryan is a country singer-songwriter who named his second album after his ex-wife, Rose Madden.

His second album, Elisabeth Rose Madden, was also well-received by fans and critics, who appreciated his storytelling and vulnerability. The album featured songs that reflected his love for Rose Madden, such as “Quiet, Heavy Dreams”, “Traveling On”, and “Birmingham”. He also sang about his struggles with fame, faith, and family, such as in “Crooked Teeth”, “Let You Down”, and “November Air”. The album was ranked as one of the best country albums of 2020 by several publications, such as Rolling Stone, Paste, and Saving Country Music.

However, his music also attracted some controversy, as some people accused him of exploiting his personal life and relationships for publicity and profit. Some of his exes, including Rose Madden and Debbie Peifer, claimed that he used them as material for his songs, without their consent or knowledge. They also alleged that he lied about some aspects of their stories and that he was manipulative and unfaithful. Zach Bryan denied these accusations and said that he was just expressing his feelings and experiences through his music and that he respected and cared for his exes.

What is Rose Madden doing now?

Rose Madden has not given any public statements or interviews about her divorce from Zach Bryan, or her opinion on his music. seems to be focused on her own life and career, as she retired from the Navy in 2021, and moved to Colorado. She also enjoys her hobbies and interests, such as hiking, skiing, traveling, and photography. She has not revealed if she is dating anyone new, or if she has any plans to pursue a different career path.

Rose Madden is living in Colorado and enjoying her hobbies.


Rose Madden is a woman who has lived an adventurous and remarkable life, as a naval aviator, a country singer’s wife, and a divorcee. She has inspired and influenced Zach Bryan’s music, both positively and negatively, and has also faced some challenges and criticisms along the way. She is now living a more private and peaceful life, away from the spotlight and drama. She is a woman who deserves respect and recognition, not only for her role in Zach Bryan’s music but also for her achievements and personality.

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