Kenn Whitaker The Lesser-Known Brother of Forest Whitaker

You might think of Forest Whitaker, the Oscar-winning actor, when you hear the name Whitaker. He has starred in movies like The Last King of Scotland, The Butler, and Black Panther. But did you know he has a younger brother who is also an actor? His name is Kenn Whitaker, and he has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades. In this article, we will explore his intriguing career, his notable movies and TV shows, and his impact on film and television.

Kenn Whitaker Movies: A Career Retrospective

Kenn Whitaker made his film debut in 1993, in the crime drama Strapped. He played a minor role alongside his brother Forest. Since then, he has appeared in more than 20 movies, from comedy to drama to action. Some of his most memorable movies are:

  • Bulworth (1998): This political satire stars Warren Beatty as a disillusioned senator who hires a hitman to kill him. Kenn Whitaker plays a rapper who joins Bulworth’s campaign and delivers some witty lines.
  • Life (1999): Kenn Whitaker reunites with his brother Forest in this comedy-drama, directed by Ted Demme. The movie follows two friends who are wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Kenn Whitaker plays Pokerface, one of the inmates who befriends the protagonists.
  • Most Wanted (1997): This action thriller stars Keenen Ivory Wayans as a Marine who is framed for assassinating the First Lady. Kenn Whitaker plays a SWAT officer who tries to stop Wayan’s character from escaping.
  • The Color of Love: Jacey’s Story (2000): This TV movie is based on a true story. It tells the story of a white woman who adopts a black child and faces racism and prejudice from her family and community. Kenn Whitaker plays the child’s biological father, who tries to reconnect with his son.

Kenn Whitaker is a versatile and talented actor, who can handle different genres and roles. He has also received some recognition for his work, such as a nomination for the Black Reel Award for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie for The Color of Love: Jacey’s Story.

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Kenn Whitaker TV Shows: A Versatile Presence

Kenn Whitaker TV Shows: A Versatile Presence

Besides his movie career, Kenn Whitaker has also been a part of several TV shows. He has guest-starred in popular shows like ER, NYPD Blue, The Shield, and CSI: Miami. He has also had recurring roles in shows like The District, where he plays a detective, and The Young and the Restless, where he plays a lawyer.

One of his most recent TV appearances was in the Netflix series Mindhunter, where he plays a prison guard who interviews serial killers. He shares a scene with his brother Forest, who plays a notorious murderer named Charles Manson. Critics and fans praised the scene, as the two brothers displayed their chemistry and acting skills.

Kenn Whitaker: Behind the Scenes

Kenn Whitaker is not only an actor but also a writer and a producer. He has written and produced several short films, such as The Truth (2012), The Last Laugh (2014), and The Reunion (2016). He has also written a book, titled The Actor’s Handbook, which offers tips and advice for aspiring actors.

In an interview with Black Hollywood Live, Kenn Whitaker revealed some of his experiences in the entertainment industry. He talked about working with his brother Forest, dealing with typecasting, and balancing his personal and professional life. He also expressed his passion for acting and his desire to keep learning and improving his craft.

Kenn Whitaker: What’s Next?

Kenn Whitaker is currently working on some new projects, both as an actor and as a producer. He will appear in the upcoming movie The Comeback Trail, a comedy starring Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Tommy Lee Jones. He is also producing a documentary, titled The Whitaker Project, which explores the history and legacy of his family.

Kenn Whitaker is a talented and underrated actor, who has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. He has been a part of many movies and TV shows, demonstrating his versatility and skill. He has also been involved in other aspects of filmmaking, such as writing and producing. He is a proud member of the Whitaker family, but also a unique and independent artist.


We hope you enjoyed this article about Kenn Whitaker’s career. We encourage you to explore his filmography and discover hidden gems from his career. You might be surprised by how many movies and TV shows he has been a part of, and how well he has performed in them.

What are your favorite Kenn Whitaker movies or TV shows? Do you think he deserves more recognition for his work? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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