Picking the Best Institutional Crypto Exchange

The participation of institutions in the cryptocurrency trading space has transformed it from a domain of retail traders to a more diversified one. The demand for sophisticated tools and enhanced security measures has increased with the entry of large companies into the crypto sector. It stimulated the development of crypto platform infrastructure. This article explains the key features of institutional crypto exchanges. It compares the best platforms in the market, including the advantages and drawbacks of institutional trading crypto on WhiteBIT.

What to Consider when Choosing an Institutional Crypto Trading Platform?

Here are some of the main factors to consider when choosing an institutional crypto exchange:

  • Compliance. Check out if the platform complies with regulations in the jurisdiction it operates.
  • Security. Make sure the exchange offers robust security measures for clients’ accounts to protect funds and sensitive data.
  • Listing infrastructure. If you plan to list your coin on exchange, make sure the platform offers the necessary infrastructure – launchpad, marketing, market making, and other services.
  • Fees. Pay attention to the exchange trading, withdrawal, and listing fees. 
  • Liquidity. Make sure the platform offers enough liquidity to easily buy and sell assets, as well as withdraw fiat. Check out the trading volume on the pairs you are interested in.
  • Usability. Try the exchange’s interface. Is it easy to navigate?
  • Crypto institutional services. Are there such necessary services as OTC trading, custody, and higher limits for institutional users?
  • How many assets are supported? Make sure the exchange offers the crypto assets you need.
  • Customer support and personalized assistance for large clients.

The Best Institutional Crypto Exchanges

Institutional traders in crypto usually choose these trading platforms: WhiteBIT, Coinase, and Kucoin. Let’s compare their features in the table below:

WhiteBITCompliance with regulations Robust security measures Low fees – 0,1% Lending High liquidity User-friendly interface Launchpad Spot, p2p, martin, futures Over 350 trading pairs Educational resources, blog, guides. Insurance Customer supportFunds withdrawal is available for verified users only
CoinbaseUser-friendly interface Over 100 crypto assets Compliance Educational resourcesHigh fees (0 – 0,40% for makers and 0.05% to 0.60% for takers. 
KucoinLow fees (0,1%) Margin and futures  Over 600 crypto assetsNo insurance Hacked in the past

Institutional traders require sophisticated tools and enhanced security measures to protect their funds and sensitive data. Some of the best institutional crypto exchanges in the market provide these features to their clients. It’s important to carefully evaluate and compare these platforms to select the best one that meets your needs and preferences.

By John Smith

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